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Running to get groceries and need a quick price estimate? Do you need a shopping list that shows your grand total? Trying to stay within a budget? Introducing Price It, an innovative shopping list and grocery price estimator. Get a quick price estimate of your grocery list before buying so you don’t overspend. Simply enter your grocery prices, and Price It will add taxes and an optional coupon deduction and then show you your grand total. Overbudget? Simply remove a grocery item from the list and see the new total. Now you’re ready to purchase!

Create grocery lists for each store you shop at, preview the total price, and then check off each item you pick up in the store. Groceries can be priced by quantity or weight. Price It includes many fresh food images that will automatically appear when you enter the name. Easily save frequently-purchased grocery items for new grocery lists in the future.


  • Get a quick estimate of your shopping list grand total, including taxes and coupon deduction
  • Create grocery lists for each store you shop at, and check off the items you pick up in-store
  • Save frequently-purchased grocery items for a future list
  • Pictures for many foods included
  • Choose your currency of dollar ($), euro (€), or pound (£)


  • Automatically move to the next input field after you enter the price, saving you time. (Android only)
  • Turn on / off taxes and set tax amount
  • Option for quantity or weight pricing (lb. or kg)

Use Cases

Price It can be used for many kinds of purchases!

  • You’re at a fast food restaurant and need to keep track of what everyone wants to buy as well as quickly view the grand total.
  • You’re out grocery shopping and need to keep a shopping list.
  • You’re at the mall and need to keep track of spending to stay within a budget.

Take control of your spending by using Price It!


Rossi Radio Now
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Are you feeling stressed? Do you need some peace? Listen to this relaxing, beautifully-performed original music (piano, guitar, and vocals). You won’t find these songs anywhere else; they’re written and performed by father and son, Sam and Noah Rossi. Each bring their own original songs, beautifully arranged with inspiring messages of hope that will encourage you. Their songs are meaningful reflections of life, love, relationships, and faith. The radio player contains a growing list of songs ready to be listened to, with many more to be added in the future. Free, excellent listening while at work, home, or on the road.

Radio player features

  • Listen to all-original music from songwriters Sam and Noah Rossi
  • See playlist of upcoming songs
  • Many more songs to be added in the future
  • Play/pause current song
  • Purchase the music you hear
  • View currently-playing song from lock screen / status bar

About Sam Rossi

Sam is a piano and vocals songwriter/performer. His peaceful style and meaningful lyrics artistically reflect life, love/romance, relationships, and faith in God. Like pages of a journal, Sam's lyrics are open and honest. The topics of his songs are highly relevant, providing understanding and encouragement to all listeners. Pop, classical, folk and country genres are combined with thought-provoking lyrics to form his unique, eclectic style. His music continues to be enjoyed by a wide range of music lovers.

About Noah Rossi

Hey! My name is Noah Rossi. I am a 16 year old singer/songwriter who has a passion for music. I have been playing and writing on the guitar since I was very young. I write songs about love, life, and faith in God. I love writing music and making videos for the world to hear and see. People of all ages can enjoy great music from me - a young, independent artist.

Give Sam and Noah’s uniquely eclectic music a try today!

Smart Copy

Smart Copy is a powerful clipboard history manager that keeps history of the items you copy. Easily view and re-copy items previously in the clipboard, and sync it all with iCloud!* Copy from any app, open Smart Copy, and the item will be added to the history.


  • View your Copy history
  • Re-copy items back to the clipboard
  • Copy on one device, paste on another device! (iCloud)*
  • Edit text that you copied

When have you tapped "Paste" only to find what you're looking for is gone? Never again! You now have a history of your previously-copied items. Simply open Smart Copy, and the copied item will be added to the history. Or, automatically store every item you copy without opening the app (runs approx. 10 minutes).

Smart Copy attempts to store virtually anything in your clipboard, including rich text, images, movies, PDF, archives, and more! Star your frequently-used items for easy access in the favorites section. You can even search your previously-copied items!

More features

  • Text options: Search, send text message, email, and plain text copy.
  • Image options: Add to Photo Album or print image
  • Keep your frequently-accessed items in the favorites section
  • Search your previously-copied items
  • Sync & backup your Copy history (iCloud)*
  • Tired of pasting text into an app such as Mail, only to find that the text is too large or the wrong color? Copy a text entry as plain text, removing all formatting.
  • Stores as many clipboard item representations as possible for a high quality paste. Easily view details of the stored data.

Take control of your clipboard by using Smart Copy!

*iCloud sync is available for iOS 7+


Score! Get it on Google Play

Stop looking around for pen and paper every time you want to play games. Score! is the unrivaled scoreboard for board and card games as well as sports. Players have columns for their scores. Simply tap a column to increase the score. You can personalize it, including setting names, background colors, increment count, even a score bell (optional). This app is complementary to almost any board game or sport!



Tap Count
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Stop losing count every time you count! Counting is now as easy as tapping a colorful button. Tap-Count will keep track of your number so you don't lose count. Done counting? Check your total! With beautiful designs and animations, you won't want to put this app down!


  • Easily count large groups of objects without losing track
  • Beautiful designs and animations as you count!
  • Reset count at any time

Use Cases

Count a group of people, count how many coins you have, or just have fun discovering how fast you can tap that button!

Stop re-counting things; start using Tap-Count and no longer lose track!


Plain Text

Are you tired of pasting text into an app such as Mail, only to find that the text is too large or the wrong color? Using Plain Text Paste, you can now paste the current clipboard content as plain text into any app. All formatting (colors, fonts, and sizes) can easily be removed from the text in the clipboard. You can even view and edit the text currently in the clipboard!

How it works

  1. Copy text from any app
  2. Open Plain Text app
  3. The text in the clipboard is automatically converted to plain text
  4. Paste the unformatted text into any app you wish

Take control of your clipboard by viewing and editing text, and clearing all formatting using Plain Text Paste.



Keep Up Get it on Google Play

Be notified of updates to your favourite blogs and websites! Enter any URL, and Keep Up will notify you whenever the website changes. If you track a blog, Keep Up will notify you only when there is a new blog post. Never miss an update again to your favourite websites and blogs!


  • Checks for changes to websites and blogs, and notifies you
  • Displays a website’s app icon if available

Use cases

  • Track changes to your favourite websites
  • Keep updated with the latest blog posts
  • Ever been on a website that says, "Coming Soon", but you don’t know when? Let Keep Up tell you when it's updated.

With this app, you can now easily keep up with updates to all your favourite websites and blogs!